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Updating an Application in Encompass
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Order Income Calculation and Verification Tab

The Order UI will pre-populate with data from the Encompass loan file. To correct any incorrect or missing values for Loan Information fields, you would exit the LoanBeam interface, update the Encompass loan, and launch the interface again to pick up any new and/or updated Encompass field values.


An order can only be updated when in a Completed status.  Attempting to update while the order is in a processing status will result in an error.

The user can choose to check or un-check templates as well as add files prior to clicking Update.  Un-checking a template will not remove a previously created Excel output file, but

LoanBeam will no longer process that template. Adding files, will cause the LoanBeam processing engine to reprocess the Excel files based on the newly received file content.


The user cannot remove a file that’s been previously attached, thus the check box next to that file will not be available for selection.  The user can choose to remove a file prior to clicking Create or Update by checking the check box next to the attachment and clicking the Remove Selected button.  If the user closes the interface prior to clicking Create or Update buttons, the following pop-up will appear.

After clicking the Update button, the order will reflect a processing status and the user will receive the following pop-up.  When processing is complete, the Excel file date/timestamps will be updated to reflect the current date/time.

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