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Getting the LB API Key for the Encompass integration

New LoanBeam clients who use Encompass must establish the connection between LoanBeam and Encompass via API (application programming interface).  This is a one time event that should be completed during implementation onboarding.

In preparation for setting up the API connection, We STRONGLY suggest using a generic email address (example: [email protected]) to create an ADMIN USER in both Encompass and Loanbeam.

  • This user is needed to maintain the connection between LoanBeam and Encompass.
  • If this user's password is ever changed, it must be changed on BOTH the LoanBeam system and the Encompass system at the SAME TIME or the connection will be broken
  • Make sure Corporate Domain has "Is API Enable" checked.


Complete documentation is attached.

Overview of Steps

  • Login to with the ADMIN user that you created in both LoanBeam and Encompass.
  • Hover over your user account name on the top right and click on Admin.
  • From that page, you will be able to create Access Token.
  • Click on the "LoanBeam API" tab and then on "Add Token".
  • Create a name for the token (examples: Encompass API")
  • click "CREATE", then check the "ENABLED" box for "token access" and "password access" 
  • SAVE
  • Now simply copy that API key into Encompass (or the program of your choice) to have it begin interacting with LoanBeam.

Note: If you do not have access to our API to be able to create the token to connect to LoanBeam, please contact our support team at [email protected] to request access. Once access is granted, you will have a new tab in the Admin section of LoanBeam called "LoanBeam API"

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