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How to Delete a User in LoanBeam

From the User Management tab, Client Admin users can create and manage users, user groups, office locations, change email notification settings and view event logs.


Hover over your username on the top right side of the LB web dashboard.

Click on Admin > User Management tab. The below screen will be displayed.

To delete a user, select the user from the users list and click on the "Delete" button.


A dialog box as shown below is displayed. Click "Yes" to confirm deletion or else click "No".

A notification pop-up is displayed on the screen. On deleting the user you can create a new user with same email address.



The logged-in user cannot delete his/her own user information.


  • There is no bulk delete
    • Can sort by date to more easily find users who have not logged in for a while
  • Suggest Access Control Setting for future (not retro), but NOTE that it will disable ADMINs who do not log in…
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  • 20-Feb-2023