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'Failed to create application.  A valid location ID is required' pop up message
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The error "Failed to create application.  A valid location ID is required" is an Encompass only error. 

The Encompass API to LoanBeam REQUIRES all users to be assigned to the CORPORATE location (1).

Note: Encompass users can also have direct access to the LoanBeam web dashboard.  If using the LoanBeam dashboard directly, the corporate location is not required. 


Here the user, Mary Doe is assigned to ONLY one location - “New York" (which has a LoanBeam system Location ID = 1234).  When Mary uses the Encompass integration to order a LoanBeam workbook, the Encompass integration will ALWAYS send a Location ID = 1.

Since Mary is NOT assigned to the corporate location (1), validation has failed and “A valid location ID is required” error message has been sent back in the response.

If Mary has been granted access to the LoanBeam web Dashboard, if she logs in to the Dashboard, she will be able to order the LoanBeam workbook with out error, as the Dashboard will recognize her location ID of 1234, and since the Dashboard does not have a Corporate location requirement, no error will occur.




To Correct this issue the Client Admin can assign the "Corporate" location to the users.  Steps:

  • Access The LoanBeam Dashboard
  • Choose ADMIN (click the dropdown by their name on the top right of the screen)
  • Click the person's name  that needs to be fixed (line will turn green)
  • Click EDIT on the top right
  • Check off CORPORATE under Office Location
  • Click UPDATE on the top right

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