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Can I remove uploaded files / Delete Documents from a LoanBeam Application?

Once you have submitted a LoanBeam application, you are NOT able to remove any processed documents or files associated with that application.

 - If you need to submit a tax return from the same year as the one already processed, you will need to submit a new application.

 - Note: LoanBeam does not allow duplicate Application numbers.  You may need to append the Application ID with a number (-1) or a letter (A) to make your new application submission unique.

 - If you want to exclude one year from the results (and therefore only use 1 year for the calculation) you can use the Feature in the LoanBeam worksheet to exclude the previous year.

 - To do this Click on the MAIN SHEET and look at the top of the page.  There is a blue cell that says 'Type "X" to exclude the previous year's income. Using this feature will ignore the income for the entire tax year.

 - Deleting an entire Application is not recommended. Please see KB article 1039 for more information.

Note: Files /Documents can be removed BEFORE being submitted / processed.  You'll see this option in the Upload File Box when either creating a NEW application or performing an UPDATE to an existing application.  This option is a simple way to correct the files that were chosen for delivery to LoanBeam, if the wrong file was accidentally picked.                                                                    


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