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Setting up the API connection - ADMINISTRATORS ONLY
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To establish the connection between LoanBeam and Encompass, you must first establish the API (Application programming interface) connection. (Note: This is a one-time event)


Important Note!


Before you begin the steps outlined below, make sure you meet the following parameters:


• You are an Administrator User to Encompass AND LoanBeam.

• You have successfully logged into LoanBeam.

• You have used the SAME email address for Encompass AND LoanBeam. Examples:



To make the connection, follow these steps:


1) Log into your LoanBeam dashboard. (




2) Using the dark-gray drop-down box containing your name at the top right of the LoanBeam dashboard, click “Admin.”




3) Click “LoanBeam API” from the top menu.





4) Click “Add token.”




5) Create a name for the token, for example, “Encompass.” Then, click “Create.”





6) Check the “Enabled” box for “Token Access” and “Password Access.”





7) Click “Save.”






8) Copy the API key by clicking-and-dragging your mouse across the number and pressing “CTRL+C” on your keypad.






9) In Encompass, select a loan from your pipeline (any will work, you are not editing it).





10) From the “Services” tab, select “Order Additional Services.”





       11) Add LoanBeam to your “My Providers” list and Double-click “LoanBeam.”                                 




12) Enter your LoanBeam User Name, Password. Then, paste the API key from your clipboard by pressing “CTRL+V” on your keypad.





IMPORTANT NOTE! If the Company Setup is missing or incomplete, a non-Admin user will see the following pop-up and need to contact their Admin to complete the Company Setup.





Non Admin Users Individual, non admin users, will be created based on first name, last name, and unique email address for that user per Encompass Settings. These users are automatically created in LoanBeam the first time the user creates an order through the LoanBeam interface.     



Adding LoanBeam to your Preferred Providers List.


To submit a LoanBeam request from within Encompass, first open the loan file, click on the Services tab on the lower left, and then click on Order Additional Services.


From the My Providers list, select “LoanBeam” and click Submit. If “LoanBeam” is not listed in the My Providers list, click on the All Providers tab and search for “LoanBeam” in this list, click on ”LoanBeam” once to highlight the row and then click on Add to My List, which will ensure it displays on the My Providers list.





The LoanBeam User Interface (UI) will display. Encompass will automatically retrieve data and display on the LoanBeam request interface.







Submitting an Application


1. Click the Add Documents button to attach files prior to order submission.


2. Search on your hard drive and/or Encompass eFolder to attach files.


3. Select output templates by selecting one or more check boxes.


4. Select the template(s) you wish to see in the output. 5. Click “Create.”





The user will see a pop-up when the order has been created. 






MPORTANT NOTE! An order may be submitted without attachments, but will not produce an output.


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