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Setting up the API Key In Encompass


The Encompass System Administrator needs to be a LoanBeam Admin User.

LoanBeam support does not email ICE/Ellie Mae, users with admin access can generate the API key themselves. (Please see attachment) 

The email address associated with the Encompass Admin User (understood an email is not used as a username to log into Encompass, but the email corresponding to the admin user should be the same one as Admin user in LoanBeam).

Admins must obtain API Admin credentials from LoanBeam to authenticate the interface via API Admin username, password, and API key.  The admin must setup the company level authentication for their Company.  This window will open when select the LoanBeam Service from Encompass prior to Company Setup.  There is also a Company Setup link on the LoanBeam interface should the admin need to view and/or update this information.

User:         Company Admin’s User Name.

Password:   Company Admin’s Password.

API Key:     Company Admin’s API Key.

You will need to get the API key from the LoanBeam website.

Here is a guide on how to get the API Key: API Key Guide