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How to add additional documents to an existing LoanBeam Application via the Dashboard

To add additional documents to an existing LoanBeam Applications, log in to the LoanBeam Dashboard website 

Note: The  application must be in “Complete” status to add documents.  If the application is still in "Processing" status, the system will NOT allow you to upload additional documents.


  1. click the purple "Clear Filter" button on the right hand-side first. 
  2. look to the left and locate "Application ID" ; click the filter icon to the right of "Application ID"
  3.  Enter  the application ID into the first search box
  4. click "Filter" and you will be able to view the Loan.

     5. Next, click the purple "Edit" button to the right

     6. Then click the green "Browse" button to add your documents. 

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  • 13-Oct-2022