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How do I override a value on the LoanBeam Excel Worksheet?
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Manual Override

Please note, before you can edit any of the Excel worksheets, please make sure to "enable editing" usually located at the top of the Microsoft Excel program.

Manual override columns are provided on all sheets.  These may be used to amend or remove numbers. The figures entered in the Manual Override column will show up in the column for Annual Figures adjusting the Monthly Figures (wherever applicable) accordingly. 

NOTE: Any manual changes to the LoanBeam workbook will void Reps and Warrant with Fannie Mae. 

There are three ways to use the Manual Override:

1. Input a specified dollar amount


2. Input $ 0 to force a zero dollar amount


3. Delete an override to return to the original amount



Do not attempt to change the data in the cells that has been prepopulated with values calculated by LoanBeam, all changes must be made to the right hand side of the workbook under the manual override column. Any attempt to make changes in a prepopulated cell will result in the error message "The cell or chart you're trying to change is on a protected sheet" as shown below. 


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