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How can I delete a LoanBeam Application?
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Deleting a LoanBeam Application is not recommended. 

Files are are automatically purged after a predefined period of time, normally 120 days. (The active period for Applications can range from 60 Days to 120 Days based on the purge policy set for each Client's company, based on their individual contract/discretion.)  

If necessary, clients can delete an application, by using the following steps:

  • highlight the application on the Dashboard by clicking on it.
  • In the detail panel to the right, click the “DELETE” button.
  • Confirm your action, and the file will be deleted from the list.

**Please note that this is a non-recoverable action, and any costs associated with running the application will still be assessed**


Once deleted the application ID will appear in the dashboard, appended with '_Delete'.  Example:

Click here for a Video Step-by-Step

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