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Getting the LB QI results via the LoanBeam Dashboard

Clients will receive an email when the application they have submitted to LoanBeam has been processed and the Qualifying Income (QI) statement is ready for review.

VIDEO WALK THROUGH - Reviewing the Results in the Dashboard


Select the application

After you receive the LoanBeam email informing you that the application's analysis is complete, please return to the LoanBeam Dashboard. Locate the column “Files for Download.” There will be a number on the row of the subject application. Clicking that number presents a window with the output File Name(s). As shown below.

Download the File

Check the box next to the file you want, and click Download, or simply click on the file you want. A copy of the Excel file will download to your computer to either a selected location or to your default download location.
Once done, simply click on the output file on your computer and it will open in Excel


Log into LB Dashboard:

  1. Click the purple "Clear Filter" button on the upper right-hand side.
  2. Look to the left and locate the section titled "Application ID"
  3. click the filter (funnel) icon to the right and type in your application id #  into the highlighted first search box
  4. Click the "Filter" at the bottom this action will allow you to view the Loan.
  5. Find the column header titled "Files for Download". Click on the highlighted number below, "Files for Download." That should allow you to download the results in excel.

6.) This action will allow you to download the Excel files as illustrated below:

7.) You can also select All files by clicking on the Box to the left of "File name" click on the Download tab:

8.) To select specific Files, click the box to the left of that individual file and click the Download button:

9.) You can also move to different pages by clicking on the numbers at the bottom of the page above the Download button:

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