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LoanBeam Wage 1.2 Release Notes

Wage 1.2 Release Date: July 23rd, 2022


  • Navigational Bar
    • Added a “Home” link which takes users back to their personal Dashboard.
    • Added “Pipeline” icon which takes users back to their pipeline view. (Previously “dashboard”)
    • Standardized the icons to align LB Wage with other LL products.
    • Added “Tax” Icon/link to the hamburger stack menu for quick access to LoanBeam Tax or Transcripts ( Note! This is not SSO, users will be required to sign in to
  • Personal Dashboard
    • Now the DEFAULT page at login, the new Dashboard screen will act as a
      convenient landing page for users to quickly access what is most important.
    • It will display:
      • “Start New App” button to easily begin an application.
      • Search box to quickly access any application in their pipeline.
      • The user’s six most recent applications. (created, opened, etc.)
      • List of the user’s “Favs.” (Starred applications)
  • Verification Wizard
    • To reduce unintended application alerts, we removed 2019 from the Tax
      Year field on W-2 screens.
    • To eliminate unnecessary data entry, we removed the SSN requirement
      from all W-2 screens.
    • Improved field-level highlighting to keep track of field location even when
      it’s rotated.
    • Improved the date detection logic to improve the way the system interprets
      the most recent paystub.
  • Miscellaneous Improvements
    • Improved the text color of “Qualifying Income (QI)” on Pipeline and
      Dashboard screens to match Application Screen. (E.g., if the QI on
      Application Screen is RED “ complete with alerts,” the QI on the pipeline will
      also be RED.
    • Improved the logic used to determine the font color of the borrower’s QI to
      make it easier for a client to determine income/application status.
    • Improved coloring on Application Summary screen, Employer List menu, to
      grey out income if disabled.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue which caused some borrowers with “Double Barreled” (multiple) surnames to be improperly listed as “unassigned.” (e.g.,Catherine Zeta-Jones)
  • Fixed an issue that would present a QI AND “Pending…” status on pipeline.Now, if application is reprocessing, its status will change back to “Processing…” until complete.
  • Fixed the issue where some W-2 would be marked as unclassified and would not be able to be categorize as a W-2.
  • 1090
  • 27-Mar-2024